Before First Class: A Good Pilot is Always Learning

Pilots are incredible. After answering the call to keep others safe while traveling, pilots undergo rigorous training, thorough debriefing, and challenging testing. However, the initial certification and prestigious credentials aren’t what makes pilots genuinely remarkable. One thing that stands out the most: a good pilot is always learning.

Why is the pursuit of education a habit of pilots? Not only are we incredibly curious, but learning expands our horizons and even helps us with the unexpected. After all, calm skies don’t make good pilots. Additionally, learning is always a good investment. Even after retiring from an aviation career, how can pilots continue learning? Here are a few paths to steer your course to continued learning.

Recertification/Returning to Work

The rising pilot shortage this year may have you contemplating returning to the workforce. This could be venturing into a new specified type of aviation that may require additional training and certification. On the contrary, you may use your unique skills to give back through volunteer positions specifically for pilots. Either way, use this opportunity to enhance your aeronautical knowledge.

Instructing the Next Generation of Pilots

Just as your career may be touching down, the next generation of pilots is ready to take flight. You may be ready for a fulfilling journey as a flight instructor. As such, you’ll want to research available positions and pursue any additional certification you will need to begin this enriching encore career.

Increasing Your Financial Literacy

Navigating the skies is one thing, but what about the route to your retirement years and beyond? Steady your fiscal course by increasing your financial literacy. Understanding your personal finances, from budgeting to investing, is the first step towards furthering your knowledge from a financial perspective. However, comprehending the challenging ins and outs of the financial industry is no easy feat. If you have questions about how to fund your future, I am here to co-pilot your way to a fulfilling retirement and am available to help!

There is no doubt that a pilot’s career inherently fosters a habit of life-long learning. It’s simply in our nature! Whether you plan to return to work or are ready to explore other industries, a good pilot takes the opportunity to continue learning.

Take care,